I’ll have what she’s having!

Does that sound like you when you’re out to dinner? It’s definitely me. My choices are
heavily influenced by what someone else is eating or by images I see on a menu.
And I’m not alone. Many studies and data analytics prove that visuals and branding
influence consumer decisions. Following the crowd is not by accident as there’s some
psychology behind it. We are designed to take social cues from those around us.
This applies to cocktails also. Designing a custom cup for your brand or your signature
drink visually impacts your customer’s decision. If customers see a lot of people drinking
from one of your branded cups, they automatically think it must be good. So they buy it.

What a drink says about people

People’s choices reflect their own personal brand. For example, when you see these
branded bar cups, you get an immediate perception of what it says about the person
drinking that particular cocktail.

Branded custom cups influences purchasing decisions

Sure, people tend to order drinks they like. But they also order what they think others
think they should like. The cocktails customers order reflects who they are – it’s a
deliberate, yet subtle, decision – similar to what shoes to wear or car to drive.

  • Drinking from custom cups becomes more about the experience.
  • A unique design that catches the eye encourages others to try something new.
  • People’s choices reflect their own personal brand – how they want to be
  • Eye-catching branded barware stays with customers long after they leave your
  • Impactful customized cups helps ensure brand recognition the next time they visit
    a bar or liquor store.

We can help

We don’t just create promotional items; we translate modern trends into effective
customized promotional marketing solutions that will make an impact on your audience.
Our team of experts will partner with you to create custom cups that speak to your
brand’s image that’s produced timely and within your budget.

Please visit our website to learn more about our branded beverage products,
marketing solutions, and how we can increase your sales and elevate your brand.

By Adam Tschida

Sales Director at Innovative Marketing Consultants (IMC)

Adam has been working with branded merchandise for nearly 25 years, and has
extensive knowledge in the beverage industry.